Airplane: N611JP

Warriors Flying Club is a non-profit Flying Club, dedicated to providing well-equipped, professionally maintained rental aircraft at reasonable cost. Excellent instruction for both new and experienced pilots and aviation-related activities are also offered to all members. The Club began in 2002 with one airplane, and more airplanes in the furture Unlike other "clubs," Warriors Flying Club is a truly non-profit organization; we exist not to make a profit, but to serve our membership...

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  • Last update: June 1, 2022

We're committed to keeping prices as low as possible. Since we're non-profit, we can offer attractive maintenance rates and other benefits to our aircraft owners. As a result, our aircraft owners can pass their savings on to Club members in the form of lower rental rates... BASIC6AVIATION offers excellent flight training at reasonable costs.

Computerized Scheduling:

Computerized Web scheduling system. You can schedule aircraft 24-hours a day, 7 days a week through our World Wide Web gateway using any standard Web browser and your existing Internet connection.
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Pilots should always check the POH.
Specifications may change.
Airplane has been moved to Hilversum Airport, EHHV